An innovative non-profit organisation for Ocean literacy and sustainability

An innovative non-profit organisation for Ocean literacy and sustainability

Our Mission

Ocean3C is an innovative non-profit organisation for the Hong Kong community, targeting Ocean literacy and sustainability.

Collaboration is truly in our DNA – to bring together all stakeholders, develop a new Culture through education, science and arts and promote the emergence of Circular solutions. Our actions are organised around 4 key pillars :
O3C Education, O3C Clean, O3C Art, O3C Lab, which are matching several UN Sustainable Development Goals. All of them are of equal importance and are interrelated in all O3C projects.

Our Purpose



Share expertise from all stakeholders by bringing together contributions from scientists, NGOs, local actors, institutions and corporates



Educate young generations to become ambassadors and game changers.
Raise awareness with citizens regarding marine pollution and promote change of habits through global events.



Integrating resources and environmental protection, innovation, social development, and encourage sustainable investment.

Ocean3C is supported by

Harry Chan

Ghost Net Hunter & Hong Kong SAR medal of Honor 2020

Since many years it has been a pleasure to collaborate with O3C on marine waste awareness and education. We are looking forward to develop our action with schools and extend our partners network locally and internationally.

Pr. Christine Loh

Chief Development Strategist, Institute for the Environment, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Interest in sustainability is on the rise, which is a very good thing. We understand land-based issues better than marine issues. O3C plays an important role in educating us about the ocean. Thank you O3C for filling in a knowledge gap for us and for our children, and doing it in a fun and effective ways.

Dr. Christelle Not

Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong

I cherish the opportunity to empower students to become educated citizens to increase the awareness about the importance of oceans.

Eric Swinton

Founder & CEO of V Cycle Hong Kong

It has been an enriching and enlightening experience partnering with Ocean3C throughout the past years. We are forever grateful for the opportunities to lend a small helping hand at their well organised beach clean ups by recycling discarded plastic bottles, and to continuously learn from their passionate and dedicated team!


Whether you are already partaking in beach cleaning activities, or you would like to initiate actions within your community, we will support the time you dedicate to Ocean protection ! With CleanupTime you will contribute to local research on marine plastic pollution, promote your event and get rewarded for your effort. You will find here how to get organized, and what data we would love to receive.
We strongly believe that our collaborative action to help clean the shores of HK will be even more meaningful if we can support research… and for that you deserve recognition!
Together let’s show our impact: it’s CleanupTime!

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E-booklet Ocean in danger: our life support system at risk

Ocean3C offers an e-booklet that conveys the fundamentals of ocean literacy. This publication is compiled with 28 articles contributed by over 35+ experts in the field of marine science and sustainability, and serves as a comprehensive educational resource for all. 

This e-booklet is produced as part of the Blue Ambassador Programme funded by ECF. Teachers entering the program will be connected to the network and can invite the e-booklet contributors to deliver in-school seminars. If you wish to better incorporate marine protection in students’ learning,  join our 2.5-hour teacher-training workshop to fully tap into the resources and support we can provide.

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Our Partners

To unite forces and increase impact, Ocean3C partners with multiple academic experts, universities and schools, associations and NGOs, social businesses and start-ups within the sectors of education, culture, environmental and marine protection across Hong Kong and overseas. The diversity of this network enables Ocean3C to bring powerful collaborative and innovative projects to Hong Kong.

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