Ocean3C strives to sensitize Hong Kong citizens on marine pollution and local waste issues. In connection with Cleanshorelines from the  Environmental Protection Department (EPD HK), O3C regularly organizes beach clean-ups and recycling events, to not just collect waste but also educate on the necessity to change habits on land and reduce consumption of single-use plastics.

To increase our impact, we promote collaboration between local associations focusing on different issues: ghost nets, single use plastics, recycling etc.. During our beach clean-ups, we collect waste and sort out PET and HDPE for local recycling every time possible, weight all trash and make sure they are collected by government services .


Public events

Through territory wide events, Ocean3C invites citizens to witness the marine pollution HK shores are facing and invites them to link it to their own consumption. Indeed, 80% of plastics found at sea are coming from land . Free and open to all, those events welcome volunteers as individuals or in team.

Corporate Social Responsibility events

Ocean3C is a partner to different companies, organizing beach clean-ups across Hong Kong and the subsequent recycling to offer impactful outings, which enable those companies to show their awareness of social responsibility.

Student education events

To impactfully demonstrate how our consumption can pollute the oceans, Ocean3C collaborates with different schools to organize beach clean-ups, which not just educate but also nurture the exchange of students between different schools.



17th April 2021

Join Ocean3C and SLDLP for a territory wide beach cleanup April 17th 2021 . Together with O3C partners, citizens of Hong Kong are invited to witness marine pollution and discuss the issue of single-use plastics consumption and recycling solutions.

Sign up to come and receive information at https://souslesdechetslaplage.hk/