Ocean3C offers collaborative programs to share expertise and inspire students to become game changers in the fight against marine pollution. The educational sector may currently not incorporate enough on marine protection and the impact of consumption. We want to fill the gap by providing a complete, science-based pedagogical program for Hong Kong schools with two levels : Secondary school students program and Blue ambassadors/Train-the-trainer program. With these, the school communities are going to be able to better understand the Ocean’s influence on us as well as our own influence on the Ocean. The Ocean3C-EDU programs also nurture collaborative spirits, sense of responsible citizenship and empower students to take actions.


Secondary school students program

Science based curriculum in which students will work with local and international experts and mentors for 1 hour per week to learn about the importance of the ocean and its role in climate change. Through research, exchanges, conferences, beach cleanups and recycling activities, they will ultimately run their own project  and spread their  knowledge.

Blue ambassador program

To enable an increasing number of schools to teach the fundamentals of marine protection, Ocean3C is providing an e-booklet written by expert contributors, with reliable scientific information on the essential principles ruling the Ocean. With a train-the-trainer approach, Ocean3C conveys teachers these fundamentals in order for them to deliver strong foundations to their students. This program also creates a supportive network and resourceful platform to facilitate holistic thinking. 

The Climate Collage  (www.climatecollage.org)

Ocean3C has a dedicated  team to organize workshops with schools and corporates . The Climate Collage association proposes a scientific workshop based on 42 cards resulting from the IPCC ‘ s work which allows to raise awareness of climate deregulation in a playful and collaborative way.