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Illegal fishing

Gary Stokes

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What is IUU Fishing?

Fisheries Crime–en/index.htm–en/index.htm—ed_norm/—declaration/documents/publication/wcms_214472.pdf

The Scale of IUU Fishing

The Harms of Fisheries Crime,of%20their%20animal%20protein%20intake.—ed_norm/—declaration/documents/publication/wcms_214472.pdf,+but+legitimate+fishers+pay+higher+operating+costs+associated+with+licensing+and+overhead+due+to+conservation+and+management+measur#v=onepage&q=legal%20and%20illegal%20fish%20are%20sold%20on%20the%20same%20markets%2C%20but%20legitimate%20fishers%20pay%20higher%20operating%20costs%20associated%20with%20licensing%20and%20overhead%20due%20to%20conservation%20and%20management%20measur&f=false


Abbie Hui

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Climate Change Consequences

George Ma

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 RCP stands for Representative Concentration Pathway. The RCP2.6, a low-emissions scenario, assumes that major steps will be taken by human societies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so that global warming will be kept below 2°C by 2100. The RCP8.5, a high-emissions scenario, assumes a ‘business as usual’ pathway, such that greenhouse gas emissions will increase rapidly throughout the 21st century, resulting in a 4°C warming by 2100

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Plastics: Definition, History and Chemical Properties

Christelle Not

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The Disposable Culture and Challenges with Recycling

Tracey Read

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Macro and Micro Plastics in the Environment

Theresa Wing Ling Lam and Lincoln Fok

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